MN Woman in Crow Wing County Facing Charges for Torturing Child

CROSSLAKE, MN ( We now have details regarding a Crosslake, Minnesota woman facing charges of Child Torture and more. You’ll hear the full criminal complaint.
we now have full details regarding a disturbing case of child torture out of Crow Wing County Minnesota this is near Cross Lake north of Brainerd Minnesota 32 year old Jordan Nicole borders has been charged with three felony counts of torture of a child and three counts of felony engages in stalking reading from the criminal complaint quote an investigator began investigating a child maltreatment case involving three individual children and their mother Jordan borders uh the defendant herein at all times relevant to this proceeding the defendant and three minor children resided at a residence located in Crow Wing County around mid-march 2022 one of the children child two who is nine years old was seen at the Children’s hospital with the concern of his hemoglobin numbers dropping the child was monitored with the only explanation of his numbers dropping is that someone was removing blood from his body borders said that the hospital lab was removing too much blood from the child however during a forensic interview on November 21st the three children disclosed they have observed borders withdraw blood from Child two frequently before doctor’s visits where he was being tested the children furthermore disclosed that they were directed by borders to then flush the blood down the toilet and were told by borders not to say anything this investigation also revealed the other two children eleven and eight were self-diagnosed biporters as having brittle bone disease and forced to wear casts and neck braces even though they didn’t have any injuries child once said he has observed borders steel casting supplies from the hospital and then she would put her own casts on him a medical review was conducted on child one which showed he had been in a cast for 796 days or around two years and two months of his life investigations further revealed the borders was receiving proceeds from the state of Minnesota to care for child two and had been nominated to receive several gifts and money from several non-profit foundations in the area the total amount received from appears to be in excess of thirty five thousand dollars during a forensic interview on November 21st of 2022 the children made similar consistent disclosures regarding the torture inflicted upon them by the defendant so child one reported the following the defendant would choke all three children and throw them across the house the defendant threatened child one with a hammer and she actually threw it at him a defendant would make them all stand outside in just underwear for a long time the defendant would make them stay in their rooms unless she wanted something then they would come out and do something for her they had to clean the house do the district’s laundry Etc on one occasion the defendant asked child one to get something and he didn’t hear the defendant then got up to see what he was doing and he was reading a book the defendant pick child one up by his throat and held him against the wall child once stated his feet were high up he couldn’t breathe at all he couldn’t breathe any air in or air out and he couldn’t talk his vision was blurry child once said he doesn’t know why why she let go but she just threw him the back of the head to hit the wall it hurt really bad child two and three were in their rooms with when this happened after she choked him the defendant told him to get back to his room the defendant then went to get the things she wanted and sat back down to watch TV child one further reported the defendant would make the children go outside in the cold for long periods of time and his whole body would be burning the defendant was hit with a spoon leaving Marx hit him with charging cords and with a belt with things on it the defendant would have hit him with a charging cord it would then make him bleed the defendant also made child one tell people that child too couldn’t walk when they went to the doctor the the defendant would make child one cough when he didn’t have a cough because he had asthma but now he knows he really didn’t have asthma child one would get asthma medication but he didn’t need it sometimes his dad would use it Additionally the defendant would tell him to puke at the doctors even though he didn’t need to the defendant would make child one pretend that he broke his bones the defendant would take casting supplies and syringes from doctors offices including from an Orthopedics and then she would then put fake casts on him if the children didn’t do what they were told they got beaten by the defendant child two disclosed as follows the defendant choked all three children against the wall hit them with belts charger cords anything hard the defendant would tell them he could come out of his room and he would chase him around and hit him with a spoon child two said he got really sick and had to go to the hospital and the defendant kept drawing my blood and blood and blood she kept doing it and don’t tell anyone child two reported the defendant drew his blood with a syringe from his arm and PICC line the defendant kept doing this causing child two’s hemoglobin hemoglobin to deplete child two said this made his body feel sick sleepy the defendant choked them with their hands and would drop them to the ground child two said his head hurt and when the defendant did this his feet were off the ground the defendant would hit him everywhere with charger cords and belts with his clothes on and off the defendant made the children go outside in the winter child two said he was he was super cold and his legs and feet were burning he doesn’t know why they had to go outside when asked about a typical day living with the defendant child too stated I was never Safe child 2 said his body felt hungry when he was being fed through a PICC line which was not medically necessary child two further described that his body felt sad and but his body growls a child too tried to sneak food into his room but the defendant and child to his father would search it one time when child two snuck food in his room when he was really hungry the defendant and his dad searched his room and after they found what they were looking for he got a lot of a lot of spankings child two also reported he had to sleep on the floor with no clothes on he never had a bed child three reported the following she was at the fac Center to talk about how the defend it was doing mean things to her and her brothers the defendant would tell the children she was going to kill them when the defendant said that child three said she thought that she might die the defendant said to child two the most defendant uh would bring child two in his room sometimes in child three would just hear screaming child three also reported the defendant choked all three of the kids in their rooms if they weren’t clean enough when the defendant would do this child to child three she could barely breathe and felt like she was going to pass out child three said her head would start hurting starts to race and she wouldn’t be able to walk right her vision was blurry her breathing was not so good and she coughed a lot after the defendant would tell child three not to cough or cry and she would do it again child three reported that when the defendant joke top child two child two would be off the ground and kicking his feet but the defendant wouldn’t stop child three also reported that on one occasion that if defendant busted child to his head open and it was bleeding and the defendant told the teacher that child too did it against the corner of the wall but that wasn’t what really happened the defendant would not allow child two to walk when the children’s father was home and was required to stay in his wheelchair but that child too was allowed to walk when their father wasn’t home child three said that if Dad knew child too could walk he he would know the defendant was lying child three also reported the defendant would would tell child the two to say bad words to her their father so that he would hit child too other times the defendant would tell child three to bite her so she could show The Mark to her father and the defendant would tell them that child too bitter so child two would get in trouble with their father the defendant always wanted child two to get in trouble finally child three stated that on days that child too had doctor appointments child three able to watch the defendant use a syringe to take blood from Child two usually on Mondays the defendant would put the blood in a cup and one of the three children would then be required to flush it down the toilet on July 15th of 2022 a search warrant was executed at Borders residence 33249 Industrial Road Cross Lake Crow Wing County Minnesota during which time evidence such as syringes and casting materials were located unquote that was directly from the criminal complaint again Jordan Nicole borders facing three counts of torture of a child and three counts of felony engages In Stocking I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. Disturbing doesn't quite work for me, these charges are vile, evil and I want her to do a life sentence. And how about Dad and the others who looked the other way, is this a normal behavior where she lives? Frankly, I'm surprised the children survived. I pray that these children know how affected we are to hear what they have been put through and that they are placed together in a safe environment. It will take a lot of love, protection and God to heal these wounds. My heart breaks for all children abused and worse. I also pray people wake up to what's happening to children in our country, all states, many, many cities. It's a secret, but truth will prevail IF everyone will wake up, research and help find these monsters, put them all away, Judges down to those in poverty, selling, abusing children. Belief systems, brain washing, greed, "getting ahead", selling organs, it's too, too common. Thanks for reporting the truth, iNewZ, you are doing your part. Love and prayers to these children.

  2. difficult to listen to… I can Imagine how hard it was to read. This individual needs to be removed from society … the daily sentence should be what was described in this posting.

  3. Factitious disorder imposed on another (previously called Munchausen syndrome by proxy) is when someone falsely claims that another person has physical or psychological signs or symptoms of illness, or causes injury or disease in another person with the intention of deceiving others

  4. All of the people reading this that are adamant against government oversight and regulations should remember this as an example of why we need agencies watching out for citizens. We can't and we don't self regulate well especially as we all disengage from society and move towards social media and living online.

  5. WOW ! Disgusting, but yes people like this do exist.. I worked in a Daycare in Bemidji MN and the local Social Services paid for children whose parents didn't take care of them like they should've , but never seen one child removed from the home ever..

  6. There was another similar situation with a mother who put her daughter in a wheelchair and forced her to act sick too. I can't remember her name… 🤔
    Rosie… Ro…

    Anyways, that daughter and her boyfriend ended up killing that faux mother. I can't remember, but I imagine there were donations given to them too.

    Wow, the dad was a waste of space too? One would hope one parent would have some sense, ffs! I hope they both rot in jail.

    Although, some bleeding hearts out there will probably say they need help. However, at this point, the stage for help has been surpassed. So, fingers crossed that the CJS puts these useless effers in the dungeons of prison for the remainder of their pitiful lives. 😠

  7. Child protection will put the kids right back there to be killed if this is not spread far and wide, it's what they do. put a big spotlight on this and hopefully save these kids. Parents should be locked up and never see the light of day.

  8. I'm surprised at how much abuse a person's body can endeavor, especially a child's until their bodies fail. I just dont understand how people can convince doctors to give kids medicine, surgeries, etc. Or abuse a child to death? Beyond horror..

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