Minnesota Passes Marijuana Bill, Still Needs Conference Committee Version For Final Approval

ST. PAUL, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The Minnesota State Senate has passed a recreational marijuana bill by 1 vote. The bill still needs to go to a conference committee for final details. Governor Walz has said he’ll sign it.


  1. Weed was used as a currency in this New World for 200 years before this nation was formed. Washington and Jefferson stated .. cultivate ye the hemp. Hemp is not a weed you smoke. It's diff. Weed was not Illegal until the modern world of profiteers called Lawyers got total control over the courts and cops that protect them. Let's go Brandon. Can we please send more money to Ukraine. Tanks on the Border. Oh yes And can we send our last few jobs somewhere overseas.

  2. Surprised a bit? No. Minnesota has usually been more lax than Iowa. Convincing the Iowa legislature to follow suit may be tough as 1 billion rail road spikes at once time. Reply is welcome. Getting a bit buzzy may help get a full night's sleep.😊😊😊

  3. This is what GOD says: Be sober minded and vigilant because your enemy the devil roams about like a Lion seeking whom he can devour. But these sick minded drug addicts who are nothing but organized crime members who want to gain from killing the youth will talk up and down trying to tell everyone there is nothing wrong with cannabis. Well if there is no effects from Using cannibus then why use it????? THAT IS BECAUSE IT DOES AFFECT PEOPLE AND THAT IS WHY THEY WANT IT TO PASS EVERYWHERE. Personally I cannot believe just how stupid people have become and how easily they can be talked into doing wrong things. Anymore it is like Everyone just jumps on the greed bandwagon all the time. How about we create real jobs for our youth and how about we teach people how to cope with life without DRUGS??? Man that seems to be a new concept these days.

  4. You all are so LOST, what you are doing is selling out the youth. This woman has no idea what she is really saying. WE NEVER SELL OUT THE KIDS. It is really a shame that we have have put into office organized crime members.

  5. This appears to be a consensus of the lifestylers in our Senate. Never thought I’d ever agree with anything they’d do, but I know they are partaking at their parties. Now begins their cat fight over who gets to defraud the tax payer over this with their fraud schemes. One step forward, 3 steps backwards. I don’t trust the lifestylers one bit.

  6. It should have never been made illegal in the first place. The only reason it was was because Roche Pharmaceutical did not want competition for its Mothers Little Helper, Klonopin in 1964. What a drag it is getting old. More people die every year from Tylenol than marijuana. That’s a FACT, we don’t have healthcare in this country thanks to Nixon and his buddy Kaiser. The HMO Act of 1973 needs to be repealed in its entirety! What we have is Profitcare.

  7. Sure glad you folks can get the important business done in MN! Now let’s talk about the surplus that belongs to the people…god, for stupid…Pat yourselves on the back.

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