Minnesota Iron Range Hells Angels Linked to Violent Offenses Including Kidnapping, Assault, and Rape

EVELETH, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Formal charges are beginning to be filed in a Kidnapping and Assault case in Eveleth, Minnesota. Court documents show charges will include the President of the Hells Angels chapter in Eveleth. One of their prospects has already been charged.
we have an update regarding crimes involving the Hell’s Angels of rape and assault up in evth Minnesota at this point Paul dellac has been charged and Jacob Holm charges are pending and it appears charges are likely pending against others in this incident a reading from the criminal complaint with the names of uh victims Andor officers omitted quote on November 28th at approxim ly 6:15 p.m. uh Chief Lindy evth police chief observed a male limping around and hiding near the evth Police Department chief Lindy uh signaled for the man to come inside the male identified as victim one was shaking appeared scared and broke down crying victim one indicated he lived out of town and denied medical attention victim one arranged for a ride and the chief dropped him off uh another Deputy reviewed City cameras from Grant Avenue the footage appears to show victim one a male leaving the Hell’s Angels Clubhouse on crutches around 6: p.m. with two males in pursuit of him the victim crosses Grant Avenue crosses through the shortstop parking lot and proceeds toward the general direction of the evth police department on December 1st the uh victim uh and an adult female identified as victim to spoke to Special Agents from the Minnesota BCA the victim one the male had what appeared to be bruising and an indentation on his leg agents learned the victim one was concerned the Hell’s Angels could find them Jared Paul French the president of the Hell’s Angels Iron Range Charter informed victim one the mail that he could no longer assort uh associate with victim 2 the female this caused tension and the male victim refused French French’s request the special agents further learned that on the morning of November 27th a victim won the male and victim to the female were at a residence on Summit Street in evth French arrived at the residence as well as Eric Anthony Newman and Hell’s Angel Prospect Jacob a Austin Holm and Hell’s Angel Prospect Paul Anthony deik referred to herein as the defendant charges have already now been filed against him victim one the male fled upstairs and hid fearing French would assault him Jonathan Cooper a boyfriend of the resident of a resident at 615 Summit Street Street eventually let the group in French and the others found victim one the male upstairs he was dragged downstairs and repeatedly punched and kicked with French as the primary aggressor Newman grabbed victim one victim tube by the throat and dragged her to the base of the stairs before she was forced into a bathroom inside the bathroom the defendant dbolic penetrated the female with his penis uh Newman was also inside the bathroom the female victim blacked out for a period of time the special agents further learned the group brought victim one to the Hell’s Angels club house in evth where French continued to assault victim one the male victim one was punched and kicked repeatedly as other members recorded the event French informed victim onon the mail he had to remain at the clubhouse for the next few months and could not leave later on November 28th the victim one the male using crutches was escorted off the property by a prospect to make some purchases at the gas station uh victim one the male decided to make a run for it ditched the crutches and proceeded toward the evth police department on December 8th uh agents and others uh executed a search warrant at the Summit Street resident an agent noticed the home was extremely filthy but the bathroom was spotless and a bleach jug was on the floor near the sink officers also collected items of clothing in the home consistent with the description the female victim gave of the clothing she wore on November 27 on December 8th uh an agent spoke separately with the two males present at the Summit Street residence on November 27th uh Cooper and uh rollstone Nick rollstone both acknowledg French and others showed up at the Summit Street residence both acknowledg French assaulting the victim one the male both indicated the male victim was brought outside to a van when asked if victim to the female was raped by anyone rollad uh rollstone started crying and said no an agent also reviewed the city of evth street cameras and observed a dark van pull up adjacent to the Hell’s Angels Clubhouse on November 27th at approximately 12:55 p.m. a male appearing to be uh the defendant uh dbolic exiting the van uh walking to the rear of the van and proceeding to the clubhouse a person appearing to be victim one the male slowly exit the middle sliding door and walking toward the clubhouse with another uh French and Newman arriving shortly thereafter in a four tourus and proceeding into the clubhouse with the rest of the group The footage also showed victim one the male exiting the clubhouse with another male and leaving an a four tourus around 743 a.m. on the morning of November 28th before returning with French and others around 11:20 a.m. on December 12th victim 2 the female provided a statement to uh the agent uh she indicated the defendant threw her on the floor in the bathroom uh speaking about dbolic and removed her pants and uh made her perform oral sex and had vaginal sex with her the victim indicated uh Newman then also uh had sex with her the female victim uh indicated both the defendant and Newman held her down during the assault the female indic ated after the assault French told uh victim one to clean themselves up and shortly thereafter escorted victim one from the residence unquote that’s all from the uh criminal complaint with some names and graphic descriptions omitted at this point Paul dbolic is charged and appears charges app pending against others I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me


  1. All I can say is " May they all go to hell" I will never understand why so many clubs, such as this one. Think that this is ok! If this same crap, should happen to their own family member or friend, then it is not ok, in their minds. Over the years, I have personally known a few of HA's members. One is still in prison, 1 was in for murder and has been out now for several years and turned himself to the better. The other one left decided family was more important when the life was affecting his wife and kids.

  2. Keep this in mind that our mayor personally welcomed them at a council meeting, he was well aware of what they are capable of & disregarded the risk it posed to our town. This mayor is the same one that endorsed trump in the 2020 election on LIVE TELEVISION, he put our town on a spotlight of shitvilles in the united states

    This town is used to a biker presence, we have had bikers for so many years & they benefited our towns bars and businesses. And I don't speak ill fate for all of them- some of the hells angels helped struggling businesses like mine, some bought properties that we're going to be torn down & refurbished them into homes, their placement decreased drug dealer presence in town, and helped local food and toy drives during the holidays

    I hope the members that had nothing to do with what happened can break from it safely & be with their families

  3. I knew there were HA in MN but I've only personally seen Sons of Silence and Outlaws. One Son of Silence member was had some kind of snub nose revolver tucked in his jeans like he gave no fucks lol

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