Leon Cisneros III
Leon Cisneros III

A Minneapolis man was sentenced Monday, Oct. 26 in Pennington County District Court for felony domestic assault.

Leon Cisneros III, 32, was granted a two-year stay of imposition for that offense. As a condition, he was ordered to serve supervised probation for two years. Cisneros was ordered to successfully complete a Men’s Domestic Violence Program. He is responsible for paying any costs associated with the program and he is expected to follow through with any aftercare recommendations.

Leon Cisneros III
Leon Cisneros III

Cisneros was ordered to follow an active Domestic Abuse – No Contact orders, harassment/restraining orders, and protection orders. He was ordered to continue to participate in mental health services, including therapy and medication management. Cisneros was ordered to complete a chemical assessment. He was ordered to not use or possess any firearms, ammunition, or explosives.

Cisneros was ordered to supply a DNA sample. He was also ordered to pay $260 in fees and fines.

The charge stemmed from multiple calls regarding an assault at Edgewood Apartments, 1238 Edgewood Dr. According to the complaint, police observed a man who had blood on his face and throughout his body. He also suffered considerable swelling on his face. The man said Cisneros, who is his cousin, had been staying with him. The two of them had been drinking, when, for no reason, Cisneros became angry with the man and began punching him in the face. The man believed he had blacked out. He said he didn’t fight back because Cisneros is “crazy.”

After medical personnel arrived, the man was unable to answer simple questions regarding the day of the week, and he also lost his balance. Inside the apartment, police observed a broken window. The screen was missing. The man’s girlfriend said she had been unable to get into contact with him. She said Cisneros was unstable. She had gone to the apartment to return a backpack to the man. She found an intoxicated Cisneros in the parking lot. She gave the backpack to Cisneros, who told her that he had scared a woman who was walking nearby earlier.

Police had received a call from the woman, who said a man had asked her to get into his car. The girlfriend returned to the apartment building a short time later. Cisneros answered the door and yelled at her to leave. He was sweaty, angry, and out of breath. She said he told her to leave or he was going to hit her, too.

The girlfriend felt something had happened to her boyfriend, so she tried calling his friends. She then called the Law Enforcement Center, asking police to conduct a welfare check on him.

At the time that the complaint was written, a warrant was requested since Cisneros’ whereabouts were unknown. The complaint indicated that he had two prior domestic-related assault convictions, including a gross misdemeanor charge of fifth-degree assault in 2016 and a domestic assault charge in 2018.

The complaint further indicated that Cisneros has a conviction of third-degree assault. At the time, he was on conditional release for a third-degree criminal sexual conduct charge with jurisdiction ending in September 2021.