Eric Daniel Roger Berg
Eric Daniel Roger Berg

A McIntosh man has been charged with assisting in the kidnapping of his own girlfriend earlier this month. Eric Daniel Roger Berg, 36, has been charged in Polk County District Court with kidnapping. He is accused of aiding and abetting the late Paul Gary Kalinoski in the incident, according to the complaint. Sheriff Jim Tadman said Kalinoski died Sunday, Oct. 18, after a motor vehicle accident.

The woman has been treated and released from Essentia Hospital in Fosston. Berg allegedly said he helped Kalinoski because he thought Kalinoski would harm him. However, he said Kalinoski never threatened him. Berg never called authorities.

Eric Daniel Roger Berg
Eric Daniel Roger Berg

The incident stemmed from a report at about 1:03 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The woman had gone to a McIntosh grocery store, saying she was able to get away and seek help after being kidnapped and assaulted at 325 Second St., Lot 7 in McIntosh.

The woman allegedly said Kalinoski arrived at her home Saturday, Oct. 17, and was talking about Jesus. He wanted to go on a “faith walk,” according to the complaint.

Kalinoski was friends with Berg. She went with Kalinoski, but she wanted to go back home after he began acting strangely. Kalinoski then accused the woman of being the devil and assaulted her. He and Berg later tied her up and brought her to Kalinoski’s home. Then she was placed in a trailer and transported back to her home.

She said Berg helped place her in the trailer and drove while she was tied up in the trailer. Berg allegedly told the sheriff’s office that Kalinoski had attempted to call him at different points on Oct. 16 and 17.

Kalinoski later arrived with the woman whose eyes were black and blue. She also suffered scratches and head wounds. Berg asked why Kalinoski had assaulted the woman, but he didn’t answer.

Berg allegedly said that Kalinoski was acting strangely and hearing voices. Kalinoski wrapped the woman in a bedsheet and tent. He said he helped Kalinoski tape the woman’s hands and move the woman, who had been placed in a trailer.

The next day, Berg tried to call Kalinoski to learn what had happened. However, he learned that Kalinoski was dead.

The sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant, which was executed Thursday, Oct. 29. A large amount of blood was allegedly found in the trailer. Inside his vehicle, the sheriff’s office found what appeared to be a small amount of blood. The case remains under investigation.