MCC teacher resigns after 10+ former students accuse him of sexual harassment, grooming
MCC teacher resigns after 10+ former students accuse him of sexual harassment, grooming

The Marshall County School District accepted the resignation of social studies teacher Eric Mimnaugh at its meeting Tuesday, March 16.

The agreement stipulates that Mimnaugh will be on leave for the rest of the school year and won’t return for the 2021- 22 school year.

The school board approved his leave with an effective date of Monday, March 8. In a statement, Superintendent Jeff Lund said, “[Mimnaugh] was previously on a non-disciplinary paid administrative leave starting on March 3 pending the board’s approval of his leave request and resignation.

While he is on leave, he will be allowed to use his accrued paid leave. Once that expires, his leave will be unpaid until his resignation becomes effective.” The district had received letters, apparently, from unidentified female former students, that alleged Mimnaugh had engaged in inappropriate contact. They claimed Mimnaugh had used his position as a teacher, athletics coach, and club adviser to groom, harass and stalk them.

Some of the behavior was sexual in nature. They alleged Mimnaugh had sent inappropriate photos and videos of himself from the waist down, asked them for photos, offered to pay for photos, and asked them sexual questions.

In some cases, the contact began while the accusers were students and intensified, usually on social media, after the students had graduated. The school district issued a statement after the school board meeting. “The school district takes complaints seriously and immediately contacts legal counsel for assistance in conducting an investigation.

The school district also notified law enforcement of this situation. “The school district cannot legally comment on the specific allegations or the results of its investigation due to the privacy provisions of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

However, the school district can share that it is not aware at this time of any evidence that students attending Marshall County Central Schools have been treated in a way that is inappropriate.” Marshall County Sheriff Jason Boman said his office has received no reports of any inappropriate contact involving Mimnaugh. He noted that he knew about the allegations through the school.

Boman added that he wasn’t aware of his office had received any past complaints involving Mimnaugh.

An online court records search showed no criminal complaints had been filed against Mimnaugh.

Mimnaugh hadn’t responded to a phone call from TRF News.

Mimnaugh has been employed by the district since August 2017. He was previously employed by the Greenbush-Middle River School District.