Marvin Haynes Seeks to Overturn 2004 Flower Shop Murder Conviction

In a recent dramatic court session in Hennepin County District Court, Marvin Haynes, serving a life sentence for the 2004 murder of Randy Harry Sherer in a Minneapolis flower shop, declared his innocence. Despite maintaining his innocence since the incident, formal charges were brought against Haynes, leading to a conviction.

The 2004 murder at Jerry’s Flower Shop unfolded during an armed robbery attempt. Sherer, killed protecting his sister, was shot after the assailant demanded money while posing as a customer. Minneapolis police focused on Marvin Haynes, then 16, based on a tip, leading to his arrest, indictment, and life sentence.

Haynes, supported by the Great North Innocence Project, secured a post-conviction evidentiary hearing, citing flawed police procedures, questionable eyewitness identification, and alleged coerced testimony. Discrepancies in Sherer’s sister’s initial description of the gunman and a recanted statement by a witness are among the issues raised.

Prosecutor Mike Furnstahl, confident in the conviction despite lacking DNA or physical evidence, believes the case was thoroughly litigated. The judge is set to rule after a witness testimony on Dec. 20, potentially reshaping the fate of Marvin Haynes.



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