Man from Bemidji dies after ATV falls through ice on Pike Bay at Cass Lake, MN, passenger survives

CASS LAKE, MN ( A Bemidji, Minnesota man died after the ATV he was driving went through ice of Pike Bay by Cass Lake, Minnesota on Friday. His passenger survived.
a bmigi man died and his passenger survived after his ATV went through the ice on Pike Bay by Cass Lake Minnesota on Friday this from Cass County Minnesota Sheriff Brian wel who says Friday at 11:15 a.m. they received a report of an ATV through the ice with an individual in the water on Pike Bay a responders arrived unseen and learned that a Polaris Ranger ATV had been traveling on the ice when it broke through and went in the water the ATV driver an adult male age 82 of piji was pulled from the Water by Witnesses who were fishing in the area life saving efforts were immediately initiated by individuals that were on the ice deputies arrived at the location and assisted in getting the individual to a safer area and continued with life-saving efforts the victim was transported transported from the Ice by airbo to an awaiting ambulance and transport of the cast Lake Indian Services hospital where life-saving efforts were were continued the victim was later pronounced deceased at the hospital an autopsy is scheduled with the Ramsey County Medical examiner’s Office the victim’s identity is being withheld pending notification of family members an adult male passenger in on the ATV was also in the water and treated on the scene assisted with and working together on Rescue and recover Leech Lake Tribal Police Minnesota DNR cast like fire bigi fire Leech Lake ambulance and beiji ambulance Sheriff reports that ice conditions on Pike Bay and several area lakes are still extremely unsafe due to recent warm weather wind and rain wel States even though we have experienced colder weather this week ice conditions still remain very unstable and poor areas that had open water earlier in the week may just have a thin layer of ice on them now and are not safe enough for travel it’s extremely important to check ahead when traveling on ice I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. My condolences to his family and friends. I'm itchin' to get out on the ice too, but I have a personal rule (endorsed by my wife) that I won't be the first one out on first ice to test it out and I won't be the last one off the ice when things warm up in the spring. I know, if everybody went by this rule, no one would go out, but fortunately not everyone goes by this rule and I do manage to get some ice time every winter. Please stay safe. You don't want to drown in ice cold water.

  2. You would think that they would know what the condition of the ice is.. especially if you want to go out on a ATV.. NO FISH in the world is worth it… but condolences to the family..

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