Man assaulted at Shooting Star; guard may also face charges

MAHNOMEN, MN ( Charges have now been filed against a man, who wound up being beaten by a security guard, following other incidents at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota Wednesday. Shawn Wade of Lengby is facing criminal charges. Possible charges against the security guard who beat him are also pending.
criminal charges have now been filed against 38-year-old Sean Lee Wade of langby Minnesota he’s the person on the receiving end of this security guard beating at the Shooting Star Casino in menomon on Wednesday we’ll take a closer look at those specific charges on the other side of this video now as we said criminal charges have been filed against 38-year-old Sean Lee Wade the man on the receiving end of the speeding it’s possible the security guard may also be facing charges those could be filed later today we’ll have those for you if and when they’re filed here are the charges against Sean Wade felony terroristic threats for after this incident he allegedly threatened an ER nurse he’s also been charged with felony fourth degree assault of a peace officer and two misdemeanor counts of assault for kicking a security guard and allegedly assaulting another male at the casino now here’s what happened according to the criminal complaint quote on May 31st Wednesday a sergeant with the white Earth Police Department responded to the Shooting Star Casino on a report of a disorderly mail that was being aggressive with Casino security upon arriving the sergeant entered the casino and observed Casino security with a male that was handcuffed laying on the floor the man later identified as Sean Lee Wade appeared to be extremely intoxicated and was screaming the sergeant was informed by Casino security that when they attempted to identify Wade he refused when security asked him to leave the property that’s when Wade became aggressive Casino security also informed the sergeant that Wade assaulted a male on the casino floor when the sergeant walked over to speak with the male and female they both refused to give statements as a star Sergeant was speaking with the male and female other deputies and Casino security were attempting to get weighed to his feet the sergeant observed Wade kick an officer and another security guard the sergeant spoke with the casino security guard who stated he observed Wade assault another male on the casino floor the casino’s Casino security stated when he attempted to go uh Hands-On with Wade Wade struck him in the face a couple times with a closed Fist and elbowed him a few times after striking him in the face while Wade was getting medically cleared he sat up on the bed and made direct threats to the emergency room nurse while the nurse was checking weight in Wade told her quote I’m going to effing kill you unquote the sergeant then went to casino surveillance to review video of the incident upon reviewing the video of the sergeant observed the security guard approach weight after Wade and the other male started to fight Wade was on the floor with the other male the security guard was able to separate them but started to wrestle with Wade still on the floor Wade is observed getting his uh hands and arms free and striking the security guard while reviewing the sergeant then observed the security guard get on top of weight and he struck weight in the head face area with his head approximately three times unquote that’s from the criminal complaint now as I said possible charges are pending against the security guard we’ll have those for you as if and when they’re filed I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. I dont care what shawn wade did prior to the video clip i seen. securities job was to secure wade until law enforcement got there it looked to me like wade was secure with someone heavier in full mount on him and a gaurd holding each arm not the headbutting and punching. That makes all three of them gaurds guilty of assault. Excessive force these gaurds are clearly not trained for this type of situation.

  2. Possible charges against the security guard are you kidding me …the suspect isn’t even fighting back that security guard needs to be charged …his tactics are not an acceptable use of force

  3. I'm sure looks like two other security guards holding him down to the floor,whiler
    Davis headbutts him the guy on the left in the video and the other on his knees the three of the security could not handcuff him come on now this is insane three on one ,security not cops

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