Legislation Returning White Earth State Forest to Tribe Fails to Move Forward

ST. PAUL, MN (trfnews.i234.me) A Minnesota Senate committee has tabled legislation that proposed giving the White Earth State Forest back to the tribe.
breaking news out of St Paul on this Thursday evening a bill that proposed giving the nearly 160,000 Acres white Earth State Forest back to the white Earth tribe is dead in the water following a Committee hearing in the Minnesota Senate today it all got a lot of push back from officials representing counties towns schools hospitals and roads in the area since the legislation may have cut off the tax doar to all those entity entities if ownership went back to the tribe the way this was put together and and and and brought up nobody back home was aware of it and from the few days that I had to get the message out to people there was a couple of meetings where over 350 people attended I’ve been contacted by well over 300 people that are against this members and non-members one of them part of it is because they’re in the dark I’ve gotten three emails three that were in favor of it the white Earth State Forest is currently managed by the state the DNR and open to tribal and non-tribal members and the consensus was that’s the way it should remain okay there are five yes and four nay motion to table the bill the cile 348 Prevail so as you just heard the bill has been tailed meaning at least for now it’s not going anywhere if you’d like to learn more about all this we have a link to the entire hearing on our Facebook page I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me


  1. The Minnesota chippewa National Forest was and is leech lake band of ojibwe's land
    Over 600,000+ acres was converted to this so called National Forrest
    They log off of the land that's it
    Don't even let a proper growth happen
    Just keep cutting without replanting.

  2. Just goes to show how many places in Minnesota still actually be haten on white earth 😂😂 should've known damn well they ain't given an indian a fkn thing but small pox blankets 🤦

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