Legal Action Taken Against City of Fertile, Mayor, and Fair Meadow Nursing Home

FERTILE, MN ( The former Administrator of the Fair Meadow Nursing home in Fertile, Minnesota has filed a civil lawsuit against that nursing home, the City of Fertile and its Mayor.
according to many accounts things were
running smoothly at the fair Meadow
Nursing Home in Fertile Minnesota until
mayor Daniel Wilkins clashed with
longtime an employee and administrator
Angela lighting lighting wound up
without a job which spurred a large
public protest the nursing home is owned
by the city of ferle and it was never
fully explained why lighting was out
well it’s likely to be fully explained
now Angela lighting has filed a civil
lawsuit against Fair Meadow nursing home
the city of fertile and mayor Daniel
Wilkins in the 16-page lawsuit lighting
explains she was forced to resign rather
than be fired because she feared losing
all her licenses the lawsuit goes on to
say lighting was forced to quit despite
never having any disciplinary actions
against her lighting is claiming gender
and age discrimination emotional
distress and open meeting law violations
by Statute lighting is seeking 50,00
or more in Damages I’m Neil Berg
reporting for in


  1. if someone is forced out of a job while having no record of ever having had any disciplinary action taken against them, and especially if the mayor is somehow involved, that's about as shady as it gets! I hope she wins her lawsuit, and I hope the judge adds some hefty punitive damages to her award.

  2. This situation is very sad for our community, fair meadow and its employees and residents and their families. As the months have past citizens are getting more frustrated with the Mayor and City Council and have uncovered so much more that the council has been doing or not doing. Neil you should come to a meeting and follow this. You would never believe what happens at their meetings. The huge mistrust of the mayor is growing daily.

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