Latest Grand Forks Friday Evening Weather Update

GRAND FORKS, ND ( Your Friday evening weather forecast from UND’s Atmospheric Sciences in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
good afternoon and welcome to und’s weather update my name is shelby ibrutowski starting off right now we have our skycam to the east over campus as you can see we do have a couple of clouds over in the distance however for grand forks we are only partly cloudy we’re currently sitting at 63 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 21 miles an hour for our forecast headlines we do have a frost advisory for parts of north dakota and south dakota tonight as well as decreasing winds from those very strong winds we saw today as well as warmer temperatures with possibly 80 degrees as we head into next week for the nation’s temperatures right now as you can see we have kansas city at 72 salt lake city at 77 and we have new orleans at 78 with houston being 84. for our region we aren’t quite as warm as the 80s we currently have fargo at 63 bismarck at 66 and as you head into parts of minnesota we can see minneapolis and bemidji are at 58 in those 50 degrees with these cooler temperatures we do have quite a bit of a temperature change from 24 hours ago we have bismarck being 16 degrees colder than they were alexandria is only a nine degree difference grand forks we have a 14 degree difference as well as minneapolis having nine 15 degrees colder than they were for our nation’s satellite and radar we do have a cold front that just came through our region which is currently still pushing its way through the midwest bringing some participation and storms to those regions as well however for grand forks in our region we are clear as we head into our futurecast for tonight we will have a couple clouds come into the region tonight into the early hours of tomorrow however those clouds will continue to stay through our region as we head into saturday night into sunday morning however they eventually will push their way out sunday during the day leaving us for some sunny skies on sunday for tonight for the region we’ll have fargo at 39 degrees bemidji at 40 mina at 38 in aberdeen dipping down to 30 degrees for those regions that are dipping a little cooler than the others there is a frost advisory for parts of north dakota and parts of south dakota as well for grand forks we won’t be quite as warm for a frost advisory but we will be 44 degrees we will have the winds decrease just a little bit at what from the west at 5 to 15 however we will still see gusts at 25 miles an hour for tomorrow for the region we’ll have minot at 81 bismarck at 78 and we’ll have marshall minnesota at 72. for grand forks we’ll be at 74 degrees we will have those morning clouds it will be partly sunny and we will still have the winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour gusting up to 25. and finally for our seven day forecast will be 74 on sunday we have a chance of getting 80s on monday 84 on tuesday as we head into next week we’ll dip into those 70s as well


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