LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: Grand Forks Kidnapping Case

GRAND FORKS, ND ( We have the latest developments in a Thursday Kidnapping case in Grand Forks, where a juvenile female was able to get away unharmed. A Grand Forks man has been arrested in the case.
we have a bit more information regarding that grand forks kidnapping late thursday afternoon robert burr is awaiting formal charges he’s currently in the grand forks county jail i’ve learned a bit new information talked with the lieutenant jeremy moe the grand forks police department who says the female victim was under the age of 10 and again she was able to get away unharmed details on that are still pending lieutenant mo couldn’t talk about the case yet but we should know a bit more when formal charges are filed if and when formal charges are filed later on this friday now in the meantime we told you in an earlier story that robert burr was convicted of a similar crime in east grand forks in the summer of 2017. just looked at records here in polk county court he was charged with attempted kidnapping and other charges in the in the summer of 2017 under a plea agreement he pled guilty to attempted kidnapping and assault charges of false imprisonment and stalking were dismissed he was sentenced to 21 months in prison in june of 2018 and given credit for 159 days served he was also uh charged with he had to register as a predatory offender in that june of 2017 case a brewer was convicted of attempted kidnapping and assault for grabbing a female who was rollerblading on the greenway in east grand forks dragged her off the trail and punched her in the face the female was able to get her rollerblades off and get away now he’s charged with allegedly grabbing a juvenile female under the age of 10 here on belmont road late thursday afternoon we’ll have more details if and when formal charges are filed likely later today i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


  1. Dude is either really in need of mental health support or he just prefers living in jail instead of the real world. Either way, jail is gonna be home for quite a while

  2. They really need to have longer sentences & stop making sweetheart plea deals for these kinds of crimes. Thank goodness his victims [that we know of] got away. Have to think there's other victims that are unknown. Would very much like to see updates on this, & more of the story on how the victims got away.

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