Lake of the Woods County Court Calendar : 01/20/2023 to 01/27/2023

Lake of the Woods County Courthouse
Lake of the Woods County Courthouse

Alpha Roster Report
Date Range: 01/20/2023 to 01/27/2023 Case Category: Civil,Criminal,Family,Probate or Mental Health
Criminal Connection Types: Defendant Civil Connection Types: 3rd Party … Family Connection Types: 3rd Party P… Probate/Mental Health Connection Types: Decedent,Te…
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Lake of the Woods County

Party Name Hearing Location Hearing Date/Time Judicial Officer Hearing Type Connection Type Case Number

PAOLI, AUSTIN RAY 01/25/2023 4:00 PM Yon, Tamara Lynn Probation Violation Hearing Defendant 39-CR-18-107
Sugden, Cole Robert 01/20/2023 1:00 PM Yon, Tamara Lynn Initial Appearance – Rule 8 Defendant 39-CR-23-1

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