Intoxicated Man Causes Commotion at Falls Liquor Over Beer Refusal

Cory Paul Juaire
Cory Paul Juaire

Thief River Falls, MN ( – On May 21 at 2:38 p.m., police received a report of disorderly conduct at Falls Liquor. Cory Paul Juaire, 33, of Thief River Falls, has been cited for disorderly conduct. Juaire attempted to purchase three cans of Steel Reserve beer but was refused by the clerk due to his alleged visible intoxication, which included foaming at the mouth and poor balance.

In response, Juaire threatened to strike the clerk if she did not sell him the beer. Despite the threat, the clerk continued to refuse the sale and tried to return his money. Juaire refused the refund, insisting on getting the beer. The clerk then removed the beer from his reach, leading Juaire to leave the store without further incident.

Another employee witnessed the altercation. When a police sergeant went to Juaireā€™s residence to obtain a statement, Juaire shut the door on the sergeant and refused to cooperate.

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