Although statewide Covid-19 numbers have decreased, this is in contrast to Pennington County numbers which have included 19 new cases on Wednesday and 22 new cases on Thursday.

We communicated with Kayla Jore, Inter-County Nursing Director on Thursday. With the increased amount of COvid-19 cases, we asked Jore if the state is doing surveillance of the more transmissible variants which have recently entered the state.  Jore told us that the state Health Department is testing for this as they are collecting samples from around the state and collecting data.

The Inter-County Nursing Director said that people have become lax in their covid precautions, but now is the time to implement those again.  Masking, social distancing, staying away from gatherings, and most importantly- stay home when you are sick.

Jore also stated that the vaccine will not cause someone to test positive, so getting tested when you have symptoms is still very important. She also said to be aware that there may be some cases of post-vaccine symptoms.

The most recent vaccination data (single dose) shows Pennington County has vaccinated 11.7 percent and Red Lake County has vaccinated  15.1 percent of their population.  The statewide percentage of vaccination is 10.6 percent. Pennington County currently has 76 active cases.