1. They are doing the laws job, pedo's are the reason so many humans are messed up, they got messed with, children grow into survivors who become heros to protect the innocent. You can't call crime on street ⚖️ Justice

  2. I think it's hypocritical. People serving time have no business judging anybody else in prison. That's ridiculous. So, some crimes are just fine and dandy, are they?
    I don't have a categorical system for criminals. They all broke the law and if in jail, they are all being separated from society because their behaviors were found to be unacceptable by their peers. Maybe… if people don't wanna hear such disgusting acts while in jail… it MAY help to not spend time in there!
    I don't think they're heroes. They were in there too for their shenanigans. I'm not impressed. 🤨

  3. David Noye Jr.: Charged with distribution of Fentynyl which resulted in the overdose death of 18-year-old Bailey Henke of Grand Forks. Davion Burris and Shaquille Reggs… also busted for distributing Fentynyl. They are all dirt bags, and it's not their job to dole out punishment to other dirtbags. I'm not a "bleeding heart" I just cant stand seeing scum being lauded as heroes.

  4. This is the greatest thing I have heard in days! The predator whines when roughed up by 4 men, yet didn't blink an eye when bragging about the pain he caused a child. Sicko!!! Turn about is fair play.

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