INEWZ ROAD TRIP: Driving from California to Florida on Interstate 10

UNITED STATES ( Join TRF News on a 6,000 mile road trip! We’ll show you some interesting, out of the way places along Interstate 10 from Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida. We’ll begin posting stories on Sunday, January 8, 2023.
happy New Year everyone Neil Berg with I news here I’m going to celebrate this New Year’s Day with something a little different kicking off a 6 000 mile road trip across the United Southern United States the plan is today to head south gonna go all the way down to Oklahoma City before I take a right and head West to Los Angeles trying to avoid some possible incoming snow and rain farther south of us then uh beginning Sunday January 8th I’ll begin posting stories along Interstate 10 from the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles all the way out to Jacksonville Florida for the most part I’m going to blow by the major cities and look at some interesting out of the way things that you may not have seen before and don’t worry in the meantime we have lots of cameras around towns in our region and reporters will keep you up to date on everything that’s going on around our region as I travel along Interstate 10 from Los Angeles to Jacksonville Florida it’s the southernmost route across the southern U.S as far as an interstate highway system so stay tuned for that beginning Sunday January 8th I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. This will be great, I look forward to your roadtrip stories! We still have a beautiful country despite the communists taking over. I've always loved getting out of the city and seeing wide open spaces where your eyes can focus all the way to the horizon without any buildings or junk blocking the view. We can drive hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles and still use the same money and speak the same language (basically…..but losing our way of life now though). Stay safe and enjoy your trip : )

  2. Big Rig Steve live-streamed a little tour of old 66 on Christmas day, by ignoring the bypass, and taking us straight through downtown Tucumcari. I’ve never been there, but imagined some restored Americana turned into tourist attractions. The vacant & crumbling relics I saw left me disturbed & sad for America.

    Neil, have a great trip! Take the first Tucumcari exit and give us your take on it!

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