Incredible Water Tower Rescue: Trapped and Saved

BOWBELLS, ND ( We had an amazing rescue in Bowbells, North Dakota Saturday afternoon, after a person became trapped in a water tower.
we had an amazing Rescue out in BO Bells North Dakota on Saturday afternoon this is out in the Northwestern part of the state this is in from the Vols volunteer fire department uh heavy rescue was paged at 3 28 PM Saturday for an individual trapped inside the water tower the individual is performing maintenance inside and became physically exhausted and overcome by the temperature inside the tower bobell’s rescue sent two firefighters up to assess the scene eventually the need for a third set of hands was needed bystander Terry Knutson alignment with the Burke divide electric offered to climb the tower a series of ropes and pulleys were set up above and pulled the individual out via the front mounted winch on the rescue truck this is one for the record books everyone returned to the ground safely thank you to everyone who assisted on the scene which includes all the members of the Bo Bell’s Fire heavy rescue Burke County Emergency Management Burke County Sheriff’s Office Terry Knutson bobel’s ambulance and many bystanders and nearby homeowners all right I’m Neil Berg reporting for


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