In Devils Lake, ND, Inmate Found Dead by Hanging in Jail Cell

DEVILS LAKE, ND ( Inmates at the Ramsey County Jail in Devils Lake, North Dakota tell TRF News a female inmate has died by hanging. We have their story.
some breaking news out of Ramsey County
North Dakota late on this Friday
afternoon we’ve apparently had a female
inmate at the jail ende devils like pass
away from suicide by hanging I just
talked with a couple of female inmates
over the phone who say it happened
Wednesday night and the female inmate
has now passed away at the uh Hospital
uh it’s late on a Friday afternoon I
reached out to the jail administrator
who was not in the office uh yet so it
may be Monday before we get any official
comment on all this but here’s part of
my conversation with the inmates late on
this uh Friday afternoon we’re not
naming the victim at this time um she
came in um under the influence of
Narcotics uh she was struggling with
mental health she asked for help um they
denied her um she attempted to break her
arm um and was taken up to the ER they
gave her fentanyl for pain and brought
her back um she she was withdrawing
again and asked for medical attention
they said that um that she didn’t need
it that she could have
Tylenol um and then later the next day
she had pushed um or she was trying she
was slamming her arm in the door
numerous times trying to break her arm
right underneath the camera um nobody
came um and then a few minutes later she
went in herself and or before that she
had pushed the button and asked to speak
to somebody um they said they’ll come
when they have time um she went into her
cell and hung herself was unresponsive
for at least 10 minutes in there before
anyone was
aware um they came in they didn’t have
any radar or radios to dispatch because
he was new and training um on his own um
when there was a Sergeant Dan Daniel
mson that came in um he didn’t have
anything to cut her down with they left
her hanging ran out of the
cell um then they all came in with a
crash cart tried to revive her and um
she was taking off life support last
night she was had no brain she was
deprived oxygen to her brain for at
least 40 minutes the fact that she was
deny medical attention she asked for it
and reached out numerous
times for 30 minutes
30 minutes before like her death could
have been prevented um if she would have
got The Right medical help multiple
times and this is in Devil breake again
that was a statement by inmates here at
the Ramsey County Jail regarding a
suicide by hanging uh we’ll have uh more
comment from officials uh when we get it
I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. Most correction facilities or jails don't listen to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    I'm a recovering alcoholic.
    I was jailed in Ward county jail.
    I was going through bad withdrawals.
    I kept pushing the intercom button, but jailers wouldn't even come check on me. They wouldn't even give me water to drink. One jailer pointed to the floor and told me to lick water off the floor.
    I felt like I was dying.
    Finally they took me to the emergency room.
    I remember a doctor coming out from the ER.
    The doctor yelled at the officer, that brought in to ER.
    Doctor wasn't happy with the officer.

  2. Thank you for covering this. I hope this is investigated so that it never happens again. However, I understand how this could happen, when you have 10 inmates, all in withdrawals with numerous mental health issues to boot, all coming with demands to you at once. It would be difficult and overwhelming. Especially being brand new to the job. I agree with whoever said, what did the inmates do about it? Did you guys tell the guards? Try to talk to her?, etc. So sad.

  3. Doesnt anyone understand that in the endtimes everything whats good is bad and whats bad is good. The jail and or police in north dakota will chase you and kill you and get away with it. Jus like the police want people accountable they also should be. Open your eyes they like the money for the job but really aint jelping no one but their own self.

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