Ice Out In Time For Minnesota Fishing Opener?

BEMIDJI, MN ( The big question for thousands of Minnesota fishermen this Spring is whether ice will be off the lakes in time for the May 14th fishing opener.


  1. On Monday 04/25 I checked ice on several lakes in the arrowhead,
    I could have driven my 1 ton across all of them. The shorelines haven’t even started to open yet.
    But… things happen quickly when spring pops.
    None the less I rescheduled my week long fishing trip to May 18th.

  2. I was up at our lake house a week ago its on Star Lake near Dent MN and there were a couple sloughs that had opened up but as far as any lakes there was not one lake I saw that was even very clear along the edge. Star will have ice on it for opener I am sure about that since its one of the very last for ice out every year anyway. Doesnt excite me to much since even if the ice does come off the water is going to be so cold it will still a couple weeks before things start happening.

  3. In my life there have been two MN openers where the ice was still on the lake. I am pretty sure 1979 was one of them, but I am unclear about the other year.

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