High Speed Pursuit in Beltrami County, MN on Sunday Evening Captures Attention

BELTRAMI COUNTY, MN (trfnews.i234.me) We had a pursuit that hit 114 mph in Beltrami County, Minnesota Sunday evening. The Sheriff’s Office terminated the pursuit, but it sounded like they know the suspect.
and some breaking news out of Bel tramy County Minnesota on this Sunday evening we had a Pursuit that hit speeds of 114 milph in the northern part of the County uh here’s some of the radio traffic around 600 p.m. on this Sunday continuing eastbound 100 miles hour still eastbound passing potato Lan 100 plus miles hour eastbound pass Lumber jackville 100 miles hour plus Vehicles approaching uran advis direction to travel copy approaching uran vehicle hone on uran and for sou Urban from long 10 for unit sticks out at H Ro BR the curves 45 mil hour he Tak in at 90 Plus in the curve 90 plus miles hour now as you heard they had stop sticks out by hindes however the suspect managed to get around those and then belamy County terminated the suit the high speed Pursuit sounded like they had a license number and already knew who they were looking for uh we’ll likely have more information and charges on all this later this week I’m Neil Berg reporting for in.tv

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