High-Risk Sex Offender Arrested in Juvenile Sex Crime Investigation in Jamestown

Loring Riel Skyrush
Loring Riel Skyrush

JAMESTOWN, ND (trfnews.i234.me) – A high-risk sex offender in Jamestown, North Dakota, Loring Riel Skyrush, is in jail tonight on suspicion of a sex crime against a juvenile, according to Jamestown police.

On June 8th, police were contacted by a family member of a teenage girl reported as a possible runaway from another community in Western North Dakota. The family member indicated the teenager might be in Jamestown and possibly held against her will. Jamestown police began an extensive investigation to locate the teen. Several leads were developed, and the suspect, Skyrush, was identified as potentially harboring the juvenile.

Skyrush, a high-risk sex offender monitored by North Dakota parole and probation through a GPS ankle monitor, eluded tracking efforts by the police. A nighttime search warrant was executed at his residence on June 9th, but the juvenile was not found. Later that evening, the teenager returned home. The Three Affiliated Tribes Police Department joined the investigation, which spanned multiple jurisdictions.

On June 10th, parole and probation officers began assisting in the investigation. It was alleged that Skyrush transported the teenage victim back home and had her staying with him from around May 23rd until June 9th. On June 11th, Skyrush was located and arrested during a traffic stop. He was charged with felony corruption or solicitation of a minor and is being held at the Stutsman County Correctional Center awaiting formal charges. The investigation is ongoing, with more charges likely.

I’m Alex Stone reporting for trfnews.i234.me

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