Head-On Collision Report on Highway 59 Near Ogema, MN on Saturday

OGEMA, MN (trfnews.i234.me) We have a report of a very serious head-on crash on Highway 59 between Waubun and Ogema, Minnesota.
so breaking news out of uh Becker monoman counties we’ve had what sounds like a very serious uh two vehicle head-on crash this would be on the Becker County manomen Line on Highway 59 between uh W wobin and OA radio traffic indicated one person was uh trapped inside of a vehicle uh the state patrol was headed to the scene so we should get more information on this crash uh probably later on on this Saturday evening uh following a report of a head-on crash uh south of uh wobin in between wobin and OG on this Saturday afternoon I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me


  1. hate to push “like” on something this tragic but thank you for the update – that road can be a bit hazardous at times if one is not paying attention. Praying all are safe.

  2. They really need to seriously look into making Highway 59 a four lane all the way from Thief River Falls down to I 94. That road is dangerous, especially when you get down to where all of the curves and hills are. Or at least put passing lanes so that people are able to pass slower drivers more safely. What a tragedy, praying everyone is alright.

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