hair stylist and Howard Stern regular dies at 58 – .

Ralph Cirella was a stylist and makeup artist who appeared regularly on “The Howard Stern Show” and was Stern’s longtime friend. 

Ralph Cirella’s legacy 

Cirella’s first appearance on Howard Stern’s show came in 1985, when he called in as a listener. Cirella’s wit and observations impressed Stern, who brought him on board to do special effects for his short-lived late night television program, “The Howard Stern Show,” sometimes called “The Channel 9 Show.” 

Cirella offered some criticism of Stern’s style and appearance, so Stern hired him again, this time as a personal stylist. The two forged a long-running friendship both on the air and off. Cirella became a frequent caller and guest on Stern’s show while the two socialized often together. It was Cirella who took Stern to the party at which he met his future wife, Beth Ostrosky. Cirella was diagnosed with lymphoma and had been undergoing treatment when he died. 

Tributes to Ralph Cirella 

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