Grygla woman charged after pointing pistol at man and pulling the trigger
Grygla woman charged after pointing pistol at man and pulling the trigger

A Grygla woman has been charged in Marshall County District Court after she allegedly pointed a pistol twice at her husband.

During the second instance, she pulled the trigger of the pistol, which had been unloaded at that point.

Their toddler son was home at the time.

Andalissa Jade East, 21, has been charged with felony second-degree assault.

She was arrested.

The charges stemmed from calls to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office during the early morning hours of Sunday, April 24.

A deputy was notified about the situation at about 3:40 a.m. Sunday and responded to East’s home.

East’s husband told dispatch that the couple had fought and she accused him of being unfaithful.

He allegedly said she had pointed a pistol at him. He was able to obtain the pistol shortly thereafter and unload the weapon; however, she got it back.

He told responding deputy that East still had the gun. East told dispatch that she wanted the sheriff’s office to remove her husband from the home. She said he was harassing her, but it wasn’t a violent confrontation.

The man later told deputies that he returned home from work at 12 a.m. April 24. At that point, a drunken East accused him of being unfaithful.

She told a deputy that he returned home smelling of another woman’s perfume. Both said they had argued and East then moved a vehicle out of the garage and into their driveway.

They told deputies that she remained in the vehicle until she went inside and grabbed a pistol. That is where their stories differed.

East said she grabbed the pistol because the man kept exiting their home and texting her. She also said that the man had been charged with domestic assault by strangulation in Alabama.

East told a deputy that the man had moved toward her and she pulled the gun out of her waistband. The man allegedly said East reentered the home, grabbed the pistol, and aimed it at him. He was able to get the gun away from her.

The man then unloaded the magazine and the round that was in the chamber. However, she soon pushed and shoved him to the point that she was able to get the gun back.

East allegedly aimed the gun at him a second time and pulled the trigger. The man heard the click of the trigger.

Shortly thereafter, the man took the magazine and round, as well as extra magazines, upstairs and placed them on the top shelf of their son’s room.

He brought them to that location since he had heard their son crying.

A sheriff’s office press release indicated that the boy is 2 years old.

After the man placed the magazines and round in the closet, he turned around to find East standing nearby. He thought that East hadn’t seen where he had placed the magazines.

The man said he had another pistol in a backpack elsewhere in the home. After placing the magazines away for safekeeping, he placed his son down, left the room, called the sheriff’s office, and went outside the home to wait for deputies.

He told a deputy that he drank a beer while he waited in order to calm down. Prior to that time, he said he had consumed two mixed drinks with rum. He told another deputy the same story. A deputy later found the 9-mm Walther PPQ pistol in the boy’s closet along with the four magazines and a loose, hollow round. He confirmed the gun had been dry fired.

Andalissa Jade East
Andalissa Jade East