1. Why is it labeled anti-maskers when they're not against the masks they want it therefore choices should be our choice they're against communism forced-choice on the people there want to be option freedom freedom to do it and freedom not to do it

  2. How many of you scared of this virus with a 99.7 survival rate don’t exercise, drink soda, and don’t take vitamins and supplements to balance your personal health? How many of you trust operation mockingbird? How many of you would rather live in fear than stand up for you’re freedoms our families and friends have died for?

  3. Wouldn’t even play the part when the idiot HVAC guy played a video from fauci saying the masks are paranoid aspects and do something to take care of you’re health such as exercise healthy diet etc

  4. The "heating and air conditioning guy" knows more about infectious diseases than a doctor with an Ivy League medical degree who is the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

  5. PEOPLE… Common sense if everyone wore a mask or got vaccinated covid would of already been over. but trump and all his low IQ followers want to make everything political. you anti maskers that dont want to wear a mask stay the hell home then. someone that spreads covid despite knowing should be charged with attempted murder or murder if that other person dies

  6. A man who works with toxic materials all day and has to have equipment around to see if the levels of carbon dioxide get too high and he has to leave the work area so just for fun he put the tube under the mask and after about 15 minutes or so the levels became too high so you are literally poisoning these children everything being thrown at you guys without being research it's sad population control at its finest look at how many animals died in medical studies if you actually look the number might shock you unless you can show me actual research and studies that prove what you're doing is not dangerous you have no right to do that to my kid so I can prove that what you're doing is dangerous look at how many animals die every year in medical studies you are literally Lab Rats have a good day be weary of the rich we are overpopulated

  7. Would there be COVID without a spreadsheet column that was added for it?
    Of course not. It would be checked under Flu.
    WHO shutdown the videos & Front-line Doctors voice to drive the WHO's > New World Order.

  8. Don’t people follow the news or what. I watch the news everyday and on tv. This delta variant hits kids harder then adults. Plus it spreads much faster as well.

    If kids got it in grand forks schools, and they are in school with it. It could put an entire school at risk of being quarantined.

    There’s your reason for a mask mandate

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