The Grand Forks Police Department is aware of a Facebook post referencing a man approaching and attempting to pick up children in a south Grand Forks neighborhood.
Some of the information in the Facebook post is accurate, but some of it is not.

The Police Department has one report involving a suspicious vehicle and person in the area near the 5300 block of Belmont Road. On August 10, 2022, it was reported a juvenile male who lives in the area was approached by a male driving a vehicle. This male asked the juvenile if his parents were home, and when the child asked the suspicious male for his name, the male drove off. The male made no attempt to pick up the juvenile and did not leave his vehicle. He also did not ask to wait in the house for his parents to return. The suspicious male is described as white, middle-aged, and “chubby” with black and gray facial hair. The male was reportedly driving a smaller silver-colored sport utility or crossover-type vehicle.

The Facebook post references a similar incident that occurred in the Mighty Acres Drive area of Grand Forks; the Police Department has no reports of any activity similar to this in the Mighty Acres Drive area.

The Police Department is grateful for the public interest in this report and would ask anyone who may have witnessed any activity as described to contact Sgt. Mike Jennings at 701-787-8012 or