GRAND FORKS, ND (trfnews.i234.me) Grand Forks Officer, K-9 Shelby is being credited with tracking down a suspect, who fled on foot Saturday night.

we have an update to a search for suspects on the south end of grand forks we first told you about Saturday night uh 24-year old Isaiah gray of Moorhead now has now been formally charged he was arrested after fleeing a vehicle on foot a perimeter was set up by police and he was tracked down by canine Shelby a woman who was with him at the time has not been charged according to court documents just after 8 pm gray was seen on surveillance video running from shield sporting goods with two bags around eighteen hundred dollars worth of merchandise was recovered when he was arrested gray has been charged with felony theft of property and misdemeanors of driving under suspension failure to transfer title unlawful use of plates and refusal to halt