Grand Forks Friday Evening Sees High Speed Chase

GRAND FORKS, ND ( A high speed chase in Grand Forks was terminated early Friday evening.
breaking news out of grand forks on this friday evening at about uh 6 40 p.m we just had a high speed chase that was terminated uh officers were following a vehicle that hit speeds of 85 miles per hour in time in town and then they were told to uh back off uh they apparently already know who the suspect is but the suspect was on demers avenue heading west out toward i-29 again uh no crashes anything like that the uh chase was terminated but it seems like uh it sounds like uh there may be officers yet with their eyes on the vehicle who was said to still be weaving through traffic and going at a high rate of speed on demers westbound out to i-29 we’ll give you an update as soon as we have one i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv

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