Grand Forks County Officer-Involved Shooting Captured on Body Camera Video

GRAND FORKS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA ( We now have body cam video of an officer involved shooting near Arvilla, North Dakota last February.
we now have video of an officer-involved shooting in Grand Forks County on February 17th of this year it happened on highway 2 near our villa some 20 miles west of Grand Forks this all started out with an investigation of disorderly conduct and a restraining order against Travis Holt the night before at the time family members told eye news that Holt suffers from serious mental issues it ended here when deputies news and Hutton caught up with Holt in his stalled car a deputy fired a shot after Holt was seen raising a gun which was recovered from the scene the shot missed Holt’s head but shattered glass injuring his eye the deputies were cleared of any wrongdoing here’s the video come on Travis come out he’s doing something inside there Chris I don’t know [Laughter] [Laughter] going going let’s see good he’s got a gun in there Chris he’s loading he’s got going to [ __ ] gotcha I tapped him in the head he’s down okay ten for ten to ten for two [Music] now Travis Holt of Crookston survived that incident with glass damage to his eye this past week he was sentenced to five years in prison for charges related to the incident I’m Neil Berg reporting for i-news TV


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