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Carmen Sevilla, a Spanish-born actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, portrayed characters in major epics like “King of Kings” and “Antony and Cleopatra.” 

Carmen Sevilla’s legacy 

Born in Seville, Spain, Sevilla began her career in entertainment as a dancer in the early 1940s, but by the end of the decade had started to earn film roles in her home country. By the 1950s, she had become one of the most popular and highly paid stars in Spain. In 1958, she starred in “Vengeance,” which received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. She also had a thriving career as a singer, a talent she also used on screen. 

Her success drew the attention of Hollywood. In 1961, she played Mary Magdalene in the epic “King of Kings.” She made her American television debut a few years later, performing several songs on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” then in 1972 played Octavia alongside Charlton Heston (1923– 2008) in “Antony and Cleopatra.” She also continued to star in Spanish cinema throughout the 1970s. 

By the 1990s, Sevilla transitioned to hosting television specials and working as a presenter on Spanish television until her retirement. In 2004, she was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos. In 2009, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

Tributes to Carmen Sevilla 

Full obituary: El Pais 

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