Get Ready for Winter: Wednesday Evening Weather Report from Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, ND ( Your Wednesday evening weather forecast from Grand Forks.
good evening und and welcome to und’s weather update my name is peyton brown and i’ll be bringing your forecast winter is coming with our next snow system moving into night and into tomorrow and those winds will increase associated with this system take a look outside right now we got some nice rain and clouds for us over grand forks with the temperature around 42 degrees and winds out of the southeast at seven miles an hour take a look the rest of the country here we have nice and cooler temperatures up in the northwest here with great falls at 42 but as you look farther south and east of course we have warmer temperatures with texas being our hot spot at 80 degrees take a look at our national satellite and radar we have a nice long front cutting through the midsection of the country with lots of precipitation associated with that all the way down into oklahoma all the way up into our neck of the woods as we get closer to arnold we are not just looking at rain but we are looking at snow take a look close at that our rain will start to move out that we’ve been seeing today around 10 pm tonight we’ll just have a nice and clear and cloudy night that rain will start to move back in but quickly move into snow as we make our way into tomorrow most of the region seeing snow for tomorrow that will quickly move out as we go through tomorrow night and friday morning friday afternoon that will all move out of the way and we’ll just be seeing some clouds the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory for the counties in purple here and a winter weather warning for counties in blue this is associated with all the snow that could fall and those winds that will be behind it take a look at the accumulations for this storm nothing much for tonight and into tomorrow morning but that will all start to change around 3 pm when our snow starts to accumulate the valley will see around 1 to 3 inches but if we look farther east and north into bemidji and international falls they’re seeing upwards of 10 to 13 inches our winds right now are nice and light out of the south here in grand forks in the valley around 5-10 miles an hour as we look farther west so those are starting to increase and those are starting to move our way temperatures for our region right now are in those low to mid 40s with blanket not even seeing 40 and sticking in those upper 30s temperatures today in grand forks a high of around 42 degrees a rainy and overcast day those winds of the southeast at 5-10 gusting to 15. tonight we’re going to see a low of around 32 degrees with those showers starting to end around 10 p.m and winds out of the south at 10 to 15 gusting to 20. tomorrow for the region we’re going to see nice and cool temperatures with that snow starting to move in with grand forks seeing a high of 38 and minot f-34 like i said grand forks will see a high of around 36 to 38 with that snow beginning around noon and those strong gusts of the west northwest at 15-20 gusting to 30. our seven days showing that after this system moves out we might have another alberta clipper coming through on saturday so stay tuned to und’s weather update for my updates on that thank you for tuning in to uni’s weather update my name is peyton braun


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