From Polk County Sheriff Apple and other smart devices trigger false calls

Apple and other smart devices trigger false calls for winter falls and crashes in Minnesota.

Did you get a Smartwatch recently? πŸŽ„ Now is the time to learn your watch’s emergency capabilities and how to respond. πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

Technology is always evolving. Many Minnesotans are wearing mini computers on their wrists in the form of smartwatches.⌚️ But new crash reporting features in those devices are causing unforeseen issues at 911 dispatch centers across the state. What’s worse? Tying up first responder resources when they get called to a crash, only to find it doesn’t exist. When a crash is detected by the iPhone technology, it prompts a 10-second delay followed by a 10-second countdown before alerting 911.

So, before your winter snowmobile ride (or your run down the ski hill) prompts an accidental call to 911, learn how to avoid it without disabling the feature altogether. Remember: just as we teach our children how to responsibly call 911, we should be responsible in contacting 911 with our smart devices as adults. We love living and working in Polk County and winter sports are a big part of our lives. β›·πŸ‚ Please be aware of the safety features on your smart technology and avoid unnecessary calls for first responders! Don’t forget that we will be here when you need us! πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš’ Click this link for more information on false crash calls in Minnesota.
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