1. It's time to get the rid of the useless in that place. Could've sworn that background checks were necessary to rent regardless of whether it was section 8 or not. If people acquire criminal records while living there, kick them out, ffs! This is ridiculous. Maybe the cops may want to think about putting a mini hub on location there. I mean, they're having to go there regularly anyways. Why not setup shop on the property? Obviously there's grown adults who need babysitting around the clock.

  2. Ive lived here for 2 years and it was one of the worst places. Was never safe. So many overdoses and gun violence. All section 8 so noone pays rent and they all live there free. I paid $720 for a run down 2 bedroom . So glad I moved my kids out of that place. Sounds like it has gotten alot worse. .

  3. The owners of that place need to start being held accountable for what they're allowing to go on there. They should start by hiring 24/7 security guards, & installing security cameras that are monitered in real time.

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