Four teenagers escape serious injury after car plunges off cliff near Mandan, North Dakota

MANDAN, ND ( Four teenagers survived a crash off a cliff down to the Missouri River just north of Mandan, North Dakota Friday night. The 14-year old female driver and her 3 teenage passengers were not wearing seatbelts.
14 survived a crash off a 50ft cliff a mile north of Mandan by the old hesket power plant at 8:22 p.m. on Friday the uh North Dakota higher Patrol says a Ford Escape driven by a 14-year-old female from Mandan was traveling eastbound here at a high rate of speed on 38 Street north of Mandan uh the driver went over the railroad tracks preceded into the parking area lost control of her vehicle the vehicle slid through a bar Boer fence sideways and off the cliff down toward the Missouri River the vehicle dropped off the cliff approximately 50 ft while overturning on the way down it came to rest upright on the shoreline next to the river both uh two juvenile females and one of the male juveniles were able to uh walk away uh from the crash up the stairway both females were trans transported to Chi St Al Alexis Alexis by ambulance for their injuries one male was released to a parent on the scene uh the other male had to be extricated from the vehicle and carried up the stairway he was transported to Sanford for his injuries veh the vehicle was removed from the shoreline by a crane the crash remains under investigation by the highway patrol again the driver was a 14-year-old female from Mandan uh uh injured uh no seat belt in use and none of the passengers were wearing seat belts either uh the three passengers were a 15-year-old female from Mandan a 16-year-old male from Mandan and another 16-year-old male from Mandan again everyone survives no one wearing a seat belt I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. She will be facing criminal charges. You cant drive under the age of 16 in nd even if you are liscenced in another state. There are stipulations as well for permit drivers, including having to have a front seat passenger thats 21+ thats sober with a liscence, no other passengers in vehicle, no minor passengers, vehicle must be owned by a direct family member, cannot operate vehicle after sundown….. if the family of the boy that got hurt wanted to, it would be open and shut case for the medical bills + some. So she either took a car she wasnt allowed to or the parents are negligent. NDDOT book is downloadable online and lists everything i just said.

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