Former Probation Officer Charged In Alleged Jailhouse Love Affair

NORMAN COUNTY, MN ( A former Probation Officer at Tri-County Corrections in Crookston and Police Officer in Twin Valley, Scott Volker is facing criminal charges for allegedly having sex with an inmate.


  1. Spreading lies like this is absolutely disgusting. This is a typical case of a childish girl trying to ruin a good man’s reputation. It’s really sad when things like this truly does happen but this definitely is NOT the case. Maybe if you took time to look at the evidence then you would see it’s a typical case of someone trying to get out of trouble by ruining the life of a good man to make herself look like a “victim” smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. A new ‘twist’ on keeping in contact with her parole officer: Close contact. 🙄😁😂
    As long as she didn't violate the conditions of her parole IDGAF.

  3. "Victim" HA!!!! ….. She loved him of her own free will, there was no victimization. Maybe she swooned him with lustful eyes and overwhelming sexual energy. HE very well could be the victim. His life and livelihood are now destroyed because of that woman. Who knows what her true plans were. Use him to gain more freedom, even if it means using her body, her choice.

  4. You guys are missing the point he was in a position where he knew being a professional in that area and her being his client they know it is by law illegal to get involved it’s almost like if a teacher did with a student! They absolutely were intimate and it was completely consented by the victim he still knew the role he was playing and who he was representing and what he was putting at risk for himself so his actions are obviously not of a teenager but of an adult acting like a child now looking for pity and poor me’s when he broke the code of conduct and ethics he as a police officer too by taking with him while he worked on doing instead of do his job broke it. Let not get things wrong his a 50 year old man his DICK which sounds like it by all of this didn’t accidentally go near her.

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