Former Crime Victim Advocate Files Civil Lawsuit Against Norman County Officials

Heather Kirby
Heather Kirby

ADA, MN ( – Heather Kirby, the former crime victims advocate for Norman County, Minnesota, has taken legal action against the county’s top officials, alleging negligence and retaliation. Kirby’s federal civil lawsuit targets the sheriff, deputies, county prosecutor, and commissioners.

Kirby asserts that the Sheriff’s Office failed to enforce protection orders, leaving abused women vulnerable. Additionally, the county prosecutor allegedly neglected to collect and file crime victims’ statements, depriving them of justice.

After voicing concerns about these issues, Kirby claims she faced intimidation and harassment, including deputies surveilling her home and attempts to tarnish her reputation on social media. She emphasizes the importance of upholding victims’ rights and criticizes the system’s failure to do so.

In her lawsuit, Kirby seeks a minimum of $75,000 in damages. She vows to present compelling evidence in court, including instances of misconduct and threats directed at her.

This case sheds light on systemic flaws and the challenges faced by those advocating for victims’ rights. As Kirby’s lawsuit progresses, attention turns to Norman County’s response and the broader implications for victim advocacy.

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  1. Pretty much the story in Every country. Clay County is just as bad I was Gangstalked by those loosers for over a year. Got them all on video and pictures license plate numbers and everything. Law enforcement is a fn joke around here period

  2. We were sold into child labor and abused for years and this county did nothing to stop it and most likely profited from it by funneling adoption money from the state. Been waiting for this day for years. There has to be an internal investigation under the Hobbes Act. Period. No more innocent families and children lost.

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