Three school districts in northwest Minnesota had school district referendums on Tuesday.

The Fisher School District operating levy referendum did not pass.  There were 154 no votes (61%) to 97 yes votes (39%).
The referendum was asking Fisher School District residents to revoke the school district’s existing referendum revenue of $161 per pupil and to replace that authorization with a new authorization of $1,432 per pupil.
The district cut $200,000 from its budget, including staff positions and the art program. The district has seen a 20 percent enrollment decline since 2020.

Fisher wasn’t the only district that had referendums shot down by the residents. Thief River Falls residents voted down all three questions on the ballot. The first was an increase of $750 per pupil, and that lost by 1,307 no votes to 1,150 yes votes. The second question was a levy authorization in the maximum amount of 4.426 percent, and that had 1,478 no votes to 965 yes votes. The third question was an increase of $407 per pupil, and that had 1,488 no votes to 958 yes votes.  

Goodridge was the only school district in northwest Minnesota to pass a referendum as they asked the residents to approve $21,350,000 in building bonds to improve district buildings and facilities. There were 230 yes votes to 179 no votes.

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