Fargo Woman Vows to Never Report Crime Again After Repeated Arrests

FARGO, ND (trfnews.i234.me) A Fargo suspect says she’ll never call police again, because she always gets arrested! Tahnee Lohnes is facing theft and drug charges.
a Fargo suspect says she’s never going
to call police again because she always
gets arrested tny lonus has been charged
with felony theft of property and
misdemeanor possession of drug
paraphernalia according to court
documents on Valentine’s Day at 12:57
a.m. police were called to University
Manor in Fargo Lona has reported she’d
been punched and robbed but police
reported that story didn’t check out but
police say she was in possession of a
stolen credit card and drug
paraphernalia and also had an
outstanding warrant Lona stated she was
never going to call you guys the police
again for help because she always gets
arrested I’m Neil Berg reporting for


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