Fargo Raid Leads to Arrests for Possession of Drugs, Firearms, and Child Pornography

FARGO, ND (trfnews.i234.me) Three men are facing drug, firearm and child porn charges, after a search warrant was executed at an apartment in Fargo, North Dakota this week. Rashad Lee is facing drug and firearm charges. Cian Flores is facing a firearm charge and Gage Schutz is facing 2 charges related to child porn.
drugs firearms and child porn charges
from a raid in Fargo this week according
to court documents on November 14th the
cast County drug task force Fargo police
and BCI detectives executed a search
warrant here at 1112 22nd Street South
apartment 103 in Fargo at 1:12 p.m. the
apartment door was forced open and
Rashad Lee sien Flores and gaug shuts
were all detained officers found a half
pound of meth a large quantity of m30
fentanyl pills and cash in Lee’s bedroom
two Firearms were also found in the
apartment along with child porn on
schutz’s phone officers already had
another warrant to search schutz’s
electronic devices Rashad Lee is facing
a trio of felony possession with intent
to deliver uh meth and a fentanyl plus
unlawful possession of a firearm Cen
Flores has been charged with felony
unlawful possession of a firearm by a
violent felon and gauged shuts has been
charged with two felony counts of
possession of certain materials
prohibited child porn I’m Neil Berg
reporting for I


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