Exploring Ely, Minnesota: A Spring Road Trip

ELY, MN (trfnews.i234.me) A look around Ely, Minnesota as TRF News takes a Spring road trip,
welcome to ely minnesota population 3460 much more in the summer months when tourists flock to the boundary waters canoe area here tell me about ely did this start as a mining town it it well it’s actually had a couple of different uh things that it’s been it was back in the 1800s was mining uh then right around 1900 tourism started to be a really really popular component as well logging has been a large component and continues to be so it’s kind of had multiple different things what we’re seeing right now is there is a very large push with small manufacturers we have like steeger muklux wintergreen northern wear um people making a lot of outdoor goods yeah exactly and tourism is still your big thing here you’re at the boundary waters right tourism is a big part but you know we’ve got all these basically layers of economics so which is a good thing for our community because that way if one particular area kind of takes a hit for whatever reason those other layers will help support the community for folks around minnesota north dakota iowa i haven’t been up here for a while what do you have to do for them in the summer oh my gosh uh so we are part of the superior national forest so there are a number of different activities there’s camping there’s atvs there’s the wasabi bike trail so there’s a lot of silent and motorized sports available then we also have a million acres of wilderness boundary waters canoe area wilderness and so there’s overnight opportunities both motorized and paddle as well as day opportunities too so so people want to check this out are you guys online the chamber or if they want to browse around and see what all they you bet um we have a website it’s elie.org it’s e-l-y-dot o-r-g and we have a whole bunch of information on area businesses recreation we have trail maps so folks are interested in scenic drives or hiking trails that type of thing we’ve got it all there okay thanks for talking to me oh well hey thank you in ely minnesota i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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