Exploring Downtown Zihuatanejo, Mexico: A Journey Through Mexico’s Vibrant City

ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO (trfnews.i234.me) You’re now in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It’s time to explore downtown!
after a day on the beach is II want nailed you’ll want to be sure to check out downtown there are hundreds of restaurants and shops there are taxis outside your hotel 24/7 they’ll charge you around 2.50 cents american for the ride downtown I’ll give you a starting point of where to find things tell your taxi driver to take you to the basketball court the central plaza when you walk toward the beach go left along the beach for about a block you’ll find the casa arcadia it’s a great place to relax and find a nice breeze around 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening ask for ninnies he’ll gladly answer any of your questions and he can set you up with all kinds of activities including side trips in his big old air-conditioned link calling you’ve been working it 14 years so uh the folks want to come down and maybe talk to you you could maybe take them on a tour you got a big Lincoln yeah okay what kind of things do you see around them that Brennan would see them we’ll see different races of little towns beaches because there’s a lot more than just leave around here that is more it if they got any questions you can maybe line them up see glottal kissing this isn’t a bad place for happy hour you do it all all day long give folks a little example the prices of uh survey say you’re up here you get to be referred thirty pesos 280 to 380 vessels all right almost three now if you’re headed out to eat at night in downtown’s and white male heels are a bargain around two hundred pesos a little more a little less around ten dollars Americans at the Casa are Katia if you go out fishing have your guide clean the fish and drop off the fillets for neni you’ll have them prepared into a fantastic meal for your group when you stop back at night another great guy to meet is Arturo at the basketball court turn right along the water for just a couple of hundred feet and you’ll be at the 4-toed Amari heart of the sea restaurant all right porque de Mar part of the sea restaurant bar restaurant bar excellent food a little everything food is excellent we have the excel chef’s we have a good waiter let you guys read filling so we’re talking to our oh are you the nicest guy in Mexico alright thank you very much Anil thank you my friend 60 so how much is an average meal here well it depends what you want if you wanna our people to some you know your more expensive you know everything is but if you wanna fifty lips and lesser price so we’re talking two to three hundred pesos no left if you want to give Mahamaya hundred eighty fifth and so for folks in America less than ten bucks I know little thing it’s a good deal good deal like we would you okay so how long you been working here I got more or less at strangers on the ellipse yeah so you’ve needed a lot of folks from all over the world a lot yeah and here’s the amazing thing about our Turrell me remember everybody’s name I don’t know how you do that is a good place your meals because I don’t remember hold the people sunshine I forgot everybody right for me oh yeah I asked dating when I go to remember them okay alright so anyway you’re you’re welcoming people to the portal Tamar a restaurant if they come down to zero yeah a lot of people like no and many people that come from in example and all the part of see what amazes me all right thanks for talking me thank you very much Neil exactly correct another interesting guy to meet is Ron the owner of zoro’s it was the movie Shawshank Redemption that led him to Z want nailed from the basketball court walk one block away from the water into downtown take the first right in a hundred feet down on the left is Zorro from Vancouver British Columbia okay so how’d you get down here came down here about 17 years ago after watching the movie project we have really yeah now you own 1 bar 2 bar – I got you under way yeah ok it’s going to make this your home for life you think yeah I think so yeah don’t get it think this is going to be the place where I’m going to end up yeah what was the big attraction just a beautiful beautiful place nice people ok many beaches yeah I’m your family ended up coming down some of them with you also oh yeah there’s a stage six months cuz I have a grandson down here so they stay down for this one okay yeah did you ever imagine you’d have this kind of lifestyle going up in Canada not at all no quite a date but it takes yeah if you’re looking for a little sand and surf this winter along with some nice people this might be the place for your winter break if you want nail Mexico I’m Neil Berg reporting

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