Exclusive: One Woman Found Dead, Others Still Missing

WAUBUN, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The FBI and Minnesota BCA are investigating the death of a woman. The victim’s mother says her death could be tied to the disappearance of other women. The body of Beth HIll was found in the driveway of this dilapidated trailer on August 5th.
they drug her from somewhere beth hill’s mother other family and friends gathered at the site of this dilapidated trailer today east of waban minnesota searching for answers in the death of beth hill the body of the 32 year old mother of four was found lying in the driveway here on august 5th yes the police department came and told me that it was a crime scene and the bca and the fbi were taking over the investigation what have they told you so far that we are waiting on an autopsy report and otherwise i have not heard anything from them okay can you tell folks at all how she was found in what condition she was found here in this driveway with a rope around her neck and i did not get to come and look at her my daughters went to dress her after her autopsy and they said she had bruises between her legs a cut on her back rope burns on her neck bruises and it and other people made a rumor saying it was a suicide but it was obviously a murder and we are very upset and we want to know who did this to her and it’s a terrible thing to happen to a young girl what was she clothed when she was found she was clothed but she was missing her under pants and her bra was she living with another guy here is that no she told me she was coming here to help this old man he was sick his house was filthy and she wanted to come here and help him clean up his house and he was uh [Music] she was addicted to the math drug and he was a person that had this available and she wanted to work for him okay and what happened to this guy where is he now we have no idea we heard rumors that he’s on the run we have no idea where he is at this time do you know who reported it they said a man called and said he went to town and he came home and she was just laying here in this driveway now i’ve reached out to the fbi for comment and all this but likely won’t hear from them until monday meanwhile there’s more to this tragic story betty says there was a bull inside the trailer that had photos of other missing women she told me this months ago that there was a turtle shell on the table and it had seven women on it and she asked about that shell and they said those were missing women they were praying for so she believed that they were good people praying for these women is that what you think now no i don’t i think it was something totally out of our imagination i just don’t know what it is one of those photos of missing women in the trailer was of melissa eagle shield this is her mother melissa eagle shield we call her mitts okay how long has she been missing since october 5th of 2014. do you think it’s in some way tied to this i really don’t know who knows so at this point one woman still searching for her missing daughter and another one wondering who killed hers we’ll keep you updated as this investigation continues near wabin minnesota i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


  1. I'm sending sympathy to the family!
    I feel it's drug related, so good luck relying on any law enforcement!
    I had a friend that died from a drug related beating, or "WHACKED", is what I call it.
    I reported it to law enforcement!
    I have not received any information about the case and I don't think I ever will!
    As far as I'm concerned, law enforcement is involved in the drug related activities!

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