EXCLUSIVE: 1 ‘Woman Found Deceased, Others Missing

WAUBUN, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The FBI and Minnesota BCA are investigating the death of a woman. The victim’s mother says her death could be tied to the disappearance of other women. The body of Beth HIll was found in the driveway of this dilapidated trailer on August 5th.


  1. Why isn't there more media coverage of these missing women? This murder? The name of the man missing from this property? This is extremely disturbing.

  2. Good reporting niel do the follow up when you find out who did this. Also condolences to the family god bless her children and family.

  3. I'm sending sympathy to the family!
    I feel it's drug related, so good luck relying on any law enforcement!
    I had a friend that died from a drug related beating, or "WHACKED", is what I call it.
    I reported it to law enforcement!
    I have not received any information about the case and I don't think I ever will!
    As far as I'm concerned, law enforcement is involved in the drug related activities!

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