Public Affairs officer Laura Kirchner from Enbridge Energy appeared via Zoom at Tuesday’s Pennington County Board meeting. Kirchner included an update on construction progress in the area. Enbridge is pleased with the  progress they’ve made in the area and soon will be at peak efforts as they currently have 4000 workers in the area-with more soon to arrive.

Work will continue now through the spring as April and May will be an environmental break due to the changing conditions of the season in transition. The project is divided into five different sections, or spreads, and different operations are performed in all areas. The crews will return after the spring break on June 15th and hope to have the pipeline in-service and moving oil in 2021.

Kirchner said this crew is made up of highly-skilled workers, with up to 35 years of experience. Michels Pipeline crews are performing the pipeline installation while Minnesota Limited will perform pump station construction.