Deadly Pontoon Accident In Minnesota

AITKIN COUNTY, MN ( A man has died after falling off a pontoon on Big Sandly Lake in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The driver of the pontoon was arrested.


  1. When I was 21 my friend and I were out at night in the middle of a lake (Wisconsin) in a pontoon boat drunk (just us), we got going pretty fast and I went to the front to mess with the lights whereby i fell in and was swept under the boat, by some miracle my hand shot up in the nick of time and grabbed a bar on the front and i was able to hold on against the flow for a few seconds until my friend caught on and stopped the boat. It took a few years for me to fully realize how close i came. It could have been me dead and my friend arrested.

  2. I lost a friend being hit by the prop.When doing a turn the steering wheel broke and because he was sitting on the side of the boat, he fell overboard and was stuck- this brought back a painful memory 😭

  3. Now let us remember that it's not gun's that kill everybody. And drinking does not kill everybody. So let's not place the death toll on gun's , drinking , automobile's , knife's and what ever.

  4. You fall overboard on the front of a pontoon while it is moving at any speed whatsoever, you get hit by the prop – period. Doesn't matter if whoever was at the wheel was drinking alcohol or orange juice. Of course, someone must be to blame.

  5. Their is a think called a "kill Switch" for a reason, He could of cut the engine out, But did he see the guy fall in with people onboard blocking his view? No matter what he should of killed the engine and not his mate..

  6. This is a perfect example of how a fun time can turn tragic and life altering !!! His friend is dead and he could end up in prison…….drinking is NOT worth the damages caused !

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