Dead Longhorn Found at Oklahoma State Fraternity

Dead Longhorn Found at Oklahoma State Fraternity
Dead Longhorn Found at Oklahoma State Fraternity

A disturbing incident occurred just ahead of the Oklahoma State University and University of Texas matchup in the Big 12 football championship. Here are the key details:

  1. Discovery and Location:
    • On Friday morning, a dead longhorn steer was found on the lawn outside the Farmhouse Fraternity, situated off the Oklahoma State University campus.
  2. Nature of the Incident:
    • The longhorn had a cut across its torso.
    • The carcass was marked with offensive language, displaying the words “F*** FH.”
  3. FarmHouse Fraternity’s Response:
    • The fraternity expressed disapproval, stating it was disheartening to witness a disregard for proper animal welfare.
    • They asserted that no FarmHouse member was involved in the incident, condemning cruelty or defacing of livestock.
  4. University’s Reaction:
    • Oklahoma State University (OSU) released a statement expressing appall at the incident of animal cruelty.
    • OSU’s Stillwater PD is investigating, and the Office of Student Support and Conduct has initiated its own investigation.
  5. Connection to Big 12 Championship:
    • The discovery comes ahead of the Oklahoma State-Texas Big 12 Championship game.
  6. Public and Official Reactions:
    • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott condemned the act on social media.
    • Animal welfare advocates, including Jamee Suarez, president of the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, expressed outrage.
  7. Police Investigation:
    • Stillwater Police are actively investigating the incident.
    • Anyone with information is urged to contact Stillwater Police at 405-533-8477.

This appalling incident has drawn widespread condemnation, and investigations are ongoing to identify those responsible.


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