Day Three of Pulczinski Murder Trial
Day Three of Pulczinski Murder Trial

Wednesday was day 3 in the trial of Devon James Pulczinski. Day 3 of court for Devon James Pulczinski. Pulczinski is standing trial in the murder of Alexandra Jo Ellingson.

Cheyenne Grindeland, cousin of Devon Pulczinski took the stand Wednesday.  She talked with Pulczinski about a week before the fire, and the two spoke about him going to treatment in Chicago, and about how he thought someone had robbed his place. Pulczinski told his cousin that he suspected three people, among them was Alexandra Jo Ellingson. She said he was upset and if she heard anything to let him know.

Up next on the stand was Ricardo Martinez who lived downstairs of the duplex that Pulczinski lived in with his girlfriend and three kids. On March 27th, the day of the fire, Martinez awoke at 5 am to loud voices upstairs arguing. He was home all day and night.  Before 5 pm his brother had dropped off some cigarettes. He was in the living room with two of his children when a lady pounded on the door to let him know that the house was on fire. Martinez said he heard nothing upstairs before the knock on the door. He then got his children out of the house as it was filling with smoke. He Facebooked Pulczinski later that night but received no response.  He told Pulczinski’s attorney that he saw two figures run out the back of the house, he thought it looked like Colton Reese’s body type, but he wasn’t sure, and the windows were frosted. 

Preston Busse testified that he and Pulczinski had been friends a long time but that he had heard that Pulczinski thought he’d snitched, and he wanted to resolve it. Busse said Pulczinski talked about going to treatment and he wanted to find three people who he thought had burglarized his apartment and “fight them”. He asked Busse for help however Busse was on probation and didn’t want to get into trouble. 

Alexis Sigurdson was Colton Reese’s girlfriend. Colton Reese had gotten out of prison in May of 2019, and moved in with Alexis Sigurdson.  Devon Pulczinski and Colton Reese are cousins and best friends and spent a lot of time together. Alexis Sigurdson said that she found a gun in her apartment and she didn’t want it there and that the gun belonged to Pulczinski.

Reese called Pulczinski about bringing the gun to his apartment. Reese and Sigurdson waited out in the vehicle for Pulczinski who was dropped off and got in the back seat of Alexis’s car. Pulchinski was not acting normal After Pulczinski got in her vehicle they took Pulchinski to his apartment to drop off the gun, and along the way, camera’s on the Hartz/DigiKey building caught them coming and going.  Pulczinski grabbed the gun and went in his back door, then into the garage and was only in there a few minutes.  When they got back to her apartment Reese said he was going to drop Pulczinski off. After a couple of minutes, a person named Kamila (Devon’s girlfriend in Chicago) called her and she was hysterical, upset and told me to call the cops to report that her car was stolen. Kamila had talked to Pulczinski and they were going to take the car, dump it and leave town. 

 Alexis called the police to report her vehicle had been stolen. She had tried facebook messenger to Pulchinski and Reese but was unsuccessful in reaching them. She called Taylor Mosher to come to help her. Reese then reappeared with her car. He said everything is fine, and to call the police to call off the stolen car report.   Reese told her what to say, that they had dropped off Pulczinski at Biff’s and then they came back to their apartment. 

They decided to go to the police and on their way, they were surrounded by the Police and were taken inside to make statements. Alexis said she lied, she was terrified, she didn’t think that Colton Reese would do that after she had heard of a body in the burned apartment.  In June she told the police the truth about the night of picking up Pulczinski. She remembers Pulczinski was not himself, he had sunken cheeks and he was worried.

The court is in recess today and will begin again Friday morning at 8 am.

Day Three of Pulczinski Murder Trial
Day Three of Pulczinski Murder Trial

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