Crystal, North Dakota Experiences Major Flood on Sunday

CRYSTAL, ND ( Residents of Crystal, North Dakota have been in a major flood battle on this Sunday.
we’ve had a big float fight going on up in northeast north dakota in the town of crystal on this sunday some 20 miles 25 miles west of drayton take you down to street level here the cart creek that goes around town overflowed and now have water pretty much all over town uh down on main street here i talked with mayor larry mccullum sorry about that but the 35 mile an hour winds kind of distorted the audio too much but anyway the mayor says they had about six homes uh that had to be sandbagged they have firefighters brought in from surrounding communities and uh basically now they’re working on trying to get the water out of town they got a backhoe cleaning out ditches and trying to get culverts cleared out uh they also brought in uh some big uh pumps hooked up to tractors power takeoff pumps to try and get the water pumped out and what else they had a well oh over at the school here they had a major sandbagging effort basically all around the school to keep the water out of the school he says he hopes to have it a bit under control and the water stops rising but a major flood fight in crystal north dakota on this sunday again the mayor is hoping they have the best of it here in the coming hours in crystal north dakota i’m neil carlson reporting for eye

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